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“For ‘the Sun of Righteousness,’ who drives His chariot
over all, pervades equally all humanity…”

Church father Clement of Alexandria (Exhortation 11)


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No sympathy here, as his site stole my books, and my inquiries about removing them were met with “Tough shite.” Some of us actually have to WORK for a living and have families to take care of. Such THEFT causes hardship for CHILDREN.

The Mayans and The Milky Way: Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

Hot off the presses and in time for the biblical brainwashing onslaught! Here’s more of the antidote!

LOL! In the first place, this guy’s name, Ahmad Al-Gamal, suggests that he is an Arab Muslim, not a native Egyptian. The invasion of Egypt by Arab Muslims did far more damage than any alleged plagues by the Jewish tribal god Yahweh. And this damage continues to this day, with Muslim fanatics destroying Egyptian antiquities.

I’m not a big cheerleader for Israel, but I had to respond to the following comment by someone on my Yahoo group:

“Israel usurped the land from the Palestinians, plain and simple.”

And the “Palestinians” (Arabs) usurped it from the previous inhabitants, who were the remnants of Jews, Greeks, Romans, Samaritans, et al.

John Kerry meets with King AbdullahWhile many nonbelievers are constantly stumping for Islam, HERE is what devout Muslims feel about them in return. You might want rethink enabling this mentality to spread.

The title of this blog is, of course, “tongue in cheek” but it reflects a raging debate over a film called “Honor Diaries” that highlights the abuse of females in Muslim-dominant countries and regions.

This sexist cretin is so idiotic one is tempted to think he’s a spoof. But, thanks for demonstrating that Christianity is a fallacious male-dominant cult of misogyny and sexism, which we have been contended for many years now.

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