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LOL! In the first place, this guy’s name, Ahmad Al-Gamal, suggests that he is an Arab Muslim, not a native Egyptian. The invasion of Egypt by Arab Muslims did far more damage than any alleged plagues by the Jewish tribal god Yahweh. And this damage continues to this day, with Muslim fanatics destroying Egyptian antiquities.

I’m not a big cheerleader for Israel, but I had to respond to the following comment by someone on my Yahoo group:

“Israel usurped the land from the Palestinians, plain and simple.”

And the “Palestinians” (Arabs) usurped it from the previous inhabitants, who were the remnants of Jews, Greeks, Romans, Samaritans, et al.

John Kerry meets with King AbdullahWhile many nonbelievers are constantly stumping for Islam, HERE is what devout Muslims feel about them in return. You might want rethink enabling this mentality to spread.

The title of this blog is, of course, “tongue in cheek” but it reflects a raging debate over a film called “Honor Diaries” that highlights the abuse of females in Muslim-dominant countries and regions.

This sexist cretin is so idiotic one is tempted to think he’s a spoof. But, thanks for demonstrating that Christianity is a fallacious male-dominant cult of misogyny and sexism, which we have been contended for many years now.

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Truly disgraceful and outrageous. I felt like weeping looking at this sad man’s pummeled face. And he is only one of very many. How very sad that our world has come to this sort of behavior.

China’s apparent pilfering of the Great Lakes - very frightening!

Of urgent importance: NatGeo’s issue from April 2010 called “Water: Our Thirsty World” highlights some VERY frightening facts about the state of the world’s water. We are in for some bad times in the future, as massive rivers like the Ganges and Yangtze begin to dry up, as they are doing right now. Their headwaters are severely strained - one of the major reasons, apparently, China invaded Tibet was to gain control over the headwaters of the Yellow, Yangtze and Mekong rivers. The glaciers feeding these rivers and the Ganges are melting and not being replaced, meaning that the water is beginning to run out for some TWO BILLION people. This environmental disaster in the making will cause huge migrations to other lands, as well as deaths by the millions.

Other disastrous developments concerning our fresh water include the disappearance of thousands of freshwater species in our rivers, lakes and ponds. Moreover, the damming of rivers is causing unforeseen and shocking problems like this one, per NatGeo: “The weight of China’s Three Gorges reservoir will tilt the earth’s axis by nearly an inch.”

This NatGeo issue also highlights what how much water our food choices require. For example, a pound of beef requires over 1,800 gallons to produce! Meanwhile, there are millions of people globally who have to travel miles every day just to gather a few gallons of DIRTY water. They don’t have convenient taps in their houses with clean water, and they rarely if ever bathe or wash their clothing. If you don’t live like that, please consider yourself lucky and be aware of your water consumption.


Here is an excerpt from my book “Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ,” in which I discuss the use of Old Testament verses to create the fictional gospel tale of the New Testament. My book was published in 2007, so this aspect of my work has been out there for a long time.

I also discussed the use of older texts to create the gospel story in my book “The Christ Conspiracy,” published in 1999. I also included this line of thought in my original essay “Origins of Christianity,” written in 1992. I’ve known about and discussed this development for a long time, therefore. People who don’t know my work - some of whom were not even born in 1992 - repeat falsehoods that I do not attribute any of the gospel story to the Old Testament.

Note that in my book WWJ, this list of comparisons between Old and New Testament scriptures is longer, covering some 15 pages of parallels. It would be great if people would actually read my work before pretending to be experts on it and trying to refute it.